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Weakness of Fixed Camera Surveillance Systems

1. Cameras do not fight crimes; citizens and police officers fight crime. While fixed cameras can be a crime deterrent and a tool to assist law enforcement personnel, cameras by themselves are not able to stop crime or arrest criminal activity.

2. If fixed cameras are to be effective as a crime deterrent, cameras must be visible, well marked, monitored and installed in a manner so that criminals perceive coverage as being sufficient for law enforcement to identify their activities, and that such identification will result in negative consequences (arrest, prosecution and incarceration) that outweigh the benefits of the crime they are considering.

3. Crime dispersion/relocation effect – even if fixed cameras do result in a crime deterrence/reduction for the intended covered area, the dispersed criminal activity may relocate to other nearby areas not covered by the fixed cameras.

4. To be effective as a tool for law enforcement personnel to halt or respond to criminal activity in real time, fixed camera locations have to be proactively monitored with full-system real-time monitoring staff, and such staff must be able to immediately communicate to on-the-ground patrols near the identified criminal activity. Without such real time monitoring, criminal perception of the effectiveness of the fixed cameras is likely to be reduced, and the camera’s crime deterrence effect is corresponding reduced.

5. To be effective as an investigative and prosecution tool, recorded video has to be of high definition quality and recorded crimes must be proactively identified and saved since municipalities generally delete recorded footage after a defined time period to save hard drive space. Even if criminal activity is recorded and archived, retrieval of the footage can be a time consuming process, and footage may not clearly identify the crime and perpetrator without corresponding eye witness testimony or other evidence.

Strengths of TerraHawk

1. TerraHawk is a manned mobile surveillance tower system, tactically deployed and actively operated by law enforcement personnel whom can personally intervene to halt or arrest identified criminal activity. Furthermore, with only one law enforcement officer needed to operate the system, TerraHawk is a force multiplier allowing other law enforcement personnel to patrol on their own or coordinate with the surveiling officer. TerraHawk’s observation capsule can be outfitted with any camera feature (HD, long-range, thermal and infrared) that fixed cameras provide law enforcement, and does so with a 360 degree field of view from an elevated vantage point.

2. With its manned surveillance capsule deployed to an eye level height of 25’, TerraHawk is highly visible and well identifiable as a law enforcement observation tower. Given its 360 degree observation platform, tactical mobility and rapid deployment, TerraHawk is likely to be viewed by the criminal element as a credible deterrence to their activities within the TerraHawk’s tactical area of operation.

3. If TerraHawk surveillance in one location disperses criminal activity so that it relocates in a nearby area, the mobility of the TerraHawk systems allows it to be rapidly and effectively deployed to the new area of concern, thereby disrupting the ability of criminal elements to entrench in a new location.

4. While surveillance through a TerraHawk can be recorded, it is also viewed in real-time by the law enforcement whom is manning the TerraHawk, and such personnel can react in real time to halt or respond the identified criminal activity.

5. Criminal activity recorded on video footage captured by the TerraHawk can be more quickly identified and corroborated by the eye witness testimony of the law enforcement personnel manning the unit.

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  • Our Burglary of Motor Vehicles is down and the "Good PR" that the vehicles high visibility has given is worth its weight in gold.  

    Timothy S. Sollis Lieutenant, Patrol Division Dallas County Hospital District
  • TerraHawk M.u.S.T. has met all of our expectations and would recommend other agencies in purchasing one or more.

    Lt. Angel Garza, Jr. Zapata County Sheriff

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